REVIEW: Jessie’s Super Normal Regular Average Day (2019)

REVIEW: Jessie’s Super Normal Regular Average Day (2019)

Synopsis: All Jessie wanted was to sleep in on her day off, but there’s a whole Hell of a lot going on that’s keeping her from doing that. 

Starring: Ellie Church, Jett Bryant, Allison Maier
Directed by: Brian K. Williams
Release Date: August 2019 (Festival Screenings), November 2019 (Campaign Backer Street Date) | Studio: Mostly Harmless Pictures

If there were ever a movie with a more misleading title than Jessie’s Super Normal Regular Average Day, I’ve yet to see it. At no point in this film’s 79 minutes does anything even remotely normal, regular, or average even happen. But to say that this movie is “super” would be an understatement.

Do topless nuns, exploding fish heads, and bananas filled with cocaine strike your fancy? If so, then look no further. As someone who is a big fan of director Brian K. Williams’ movies (Time to Kill, Space Babes From Outer Space), I was intrigued by the campaign trailer for Average Day immediately, and even better, Williams’ campaign was for a movie that was fully shot, edited, and ready to go – so there was no hesitation about backing this movie and waiting patiently for my blu-ray to arrive.

This movie is a drug-fueled, punk-powered trip of epic proportions. Kicking off the film with a fantastic track by skunk band The Toasters (who I saw many times in my high school days), even the opening credits are an assault on the senses, and the movie doesn’t let up from there. It’s bizarre and hilarious, a total art film disguised as a stoner comedy.

Ellie Church (Headless, The Bad Man) stars as the titular Jessie, a sexy stoner who just wants to sleep in and enjoy her day off. Her plans are ruined almost immediately, after a curious knock at the door and a solid fist to the face from her roommate, Misty (Allison Maier, Frankenstein Created Bikers, Space Babes From Outer Space) derails her day. From then on, it’s an epic trek featuring snails, couch cars, chainsaws, and bleeding bananas.

I have no idea the budget of this movie – I assume it’s pretty low, although you’d never know it. The entire look and tone of the film is gorgeous. As someone who has made and watched a myriad of horrendous low budget films, this movie is miles above the rest. Great effects, perfect shots, top-notch acting, and a stylized, wild color palette elevate this movie well above and beyond any other indie film in recent memory. Church is as mesmerizing as always, a standout that is absolutely destined to be a star. Maier is equally impressive, with a deadpan delivery that is both a bit off-putting yet totally hilarious in its own right.

While stoner comedies have always been a popular genre, with classics like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and later the Harold & Kumar series packing butts into theatre seats, Average Day is a beast all its own. A classic in the making, surely of the cult variety. It’s a film best suited to be viewed with a bit of one’s favorite indulgences firmly in place, whatever that may be. Either way, Jessie’s Super Normal Regular Average Day is an uproarious indie comedy that’s definitely not so much about the destination, but the trip itself.


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